Taylors Falls Engagement

FINALLY! I have been DYING to finish this session, you guys!

Sara & Geoff took me on an hour-long drive to get their engagement pics done at Taylors Falls 😍 Sara and I chatted the whole way there and back and, honestly, I don't think we would ever run out of things to talk about! :)

Their session took place on a VERY HOT day. And by that, I mean over 90F! I don't think I have ever been as sweaty as I was that day :) But it did not discourage these two awesome people!

Sara & Geoff were fine with the heat and with mosquitos all over the place, they were not afraid of poison ivy (well Geoff wasn't, Sara and I were terrified Lol).

These two were climbing places like CRAZY! I could not believe how brave they were and how much they trusted each other. This session definitely made me feel like I might have some acrophobia going on because at times it was seriously SCARY to look at them! But they seemed more worried about my own clumsiness which was oh so sweet ❤️

I could talk on and on about Sara & Geoff. I feel so sad I won't be able to see their BIG DAY (coming up this September!) but am very happy that after everything they went through, they are finally going to become ONE. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. You are my perfect clients, Sara & Geoff. Much love ❤️