JAY COOKE State Park Engagement

HEY EVERYONE!!! This session is something I have been VERY excited to share.

AMY & STEVE took me on a 2.5-hour drive to go to JAY COOKE State Park for their ENGAGEMENT session. It was a long drive but it gave us an opportunity to get to know each other quite well so by the time we started shooting - they were not camera shy at all. By the time we stopped shooting - it felt like we were old friends. We sat down on the rocks and watched the sun go down while the seagulls were flying above our heads. We shared thoughts and ideas, memories and plans.

Amy & Steve had been in LONG DISTANCE relationship for quite awhile before they were able to finally be together and unite. Their beautiful LOVE story reminded me so much of my own and maybe that's why I feel like I have known them FOREVER.

Their October 2017 WEDDING will be the first one I get to photograph and I cannot wait.