Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retainer fee and is it refundable?

A retainer is a nonrefundable fee paid upon signing the wedding photography contract. It is used to give a piece of mind to all parties involved. Your benefit lies in knowing that your date is reserved for you and you only and that under any circumstances I will not be pursuing other work for that particular date, regardless if a higher paying opportunity arises. In an unfortunate event that a wedding is canceled or postponed, there’s close to no chance that I will be able to book a client for the date that I have been holding for you. A retainer protects my business from losing income due to circumstances outside of my control.

How many weddings do you take on per year?

I focus on quality over quantity. I’m investing SO much of my energy and time into your overall wedding photography experience and your photos, so in order not go nuts over editing my life away, I take on not more than 20 weddings per year and plan on lowering that number in the future to be able to serve my couples even better.

What’s your gear list?

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark IV and use Canon 5D Mark III as my back up camera on wedding days. My go-to lenses are Canon 35mm 1.4L, Canon 50mm 1.2L and Canon 85mm 1.8. I also have a Canon 600EX-RT flash for when there’s not enough natural light. I usually only use it inside for capturing dance floor madness. I prefer using natural light in all other scenarios.

Do you give out RAW, unedited images?

Raw images are an unfinished product! My images go through an extensive editing process that I take a lot of pride in. This is where half the magic is at! I consider my work done when all of my editing steps complete and you are happy with the finished product! I want nothing less for you.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Unfortunately, I have not had a pleasure to work with a same-sex couple YET, but I would be ABSOLUTELY stoked to do so! Love is Love!


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